About Our School

From the Principal

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I extend to you and your child a warm welcome to Yulara School. I am sure your time at our school, and Ayers Rock Resort will be both happy and memorable. 

Yulara School staff are professionally devoted to providing a holistic learning environment for your child. We strive to immerse every student in a rich learning environment and grant them access to the curriculum that is being delivered in an increasingly contextualised and engaging manner. Here at Yulara, we place great emphasis on the social and emotional development of every learner in the school so that we can provide the positive stepping stone possible to a rich and fulfilling future.

At Yulara school we champion our values of inclusiveness, resilience, personal best and respect. We encourage every member of our school community to demonstrate these values so they underpin every action undertaken at Yulara School.

Each student is treated as an individual, and we encourage them to achieve their very best in a caring and supportive environment.  We share a commitment and promote a genuine partnership between school and home to enhance your child’s learning opportunities.

It is our aspiration that through your interest, personal involvement, and support, you will come to feel very much a part of our school community. 

Principal Cae Ashton

Our History

Yulara School was opened in 1984, is categorised as an ‘urban remote’ school located some four hundred and fifty kilometres to the south-west of Alice Springs close to the South Australian border. It is only twenty kilometres from Uluru and forty-eight kilometres from Kata Tjuta. 

Yulara School is referred to as an ‘urban’ school as a result of the teaching of mainstream educational programs in the classrooms whilst catering for a diverse student clientele. The description of remote is of course in reference to the geographical location of the school which in the context of the Australian continent could only be classified in this category.

Our student enrolment is drawn from the families of Ayers Rock Resort and Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. The school caters for children from Transition through to secondary students (Years 7 – 12). Students arrive at Yulara School from diverse locations throughout Australia and internationally, including our local Mutitjulu Community and Rangerville. 

The school’s physical infrastructure includes six classrooms, a small library/teacher resource centre, a school administration building, a student ablutions block/canteen area and a covered school assembly area. The central area of the school is a paved courtyard which is defined by the major buildings. The physical infrastructure adequately caters for the teaching and learning requirements of the school community.

One notable feature of Yulara School is the wonderful support provided by the people of the Resort and National Park. Yulara School is located within a very community-oriented environment where people are only too happy to assist and support any initiatives that target the improvement of student learning outcomes and wellbeing. This may be observed through their assistance with fundraising or the completion of projects at the school.